Best Minibus Tours Of New Zealand

Do you plan to visit New Zealand in the near future, and you want to make the best of it? If so, then you should know that there are several notable minibus tours of the country, accompanied by knowledgeable guides, that will take you to some of New Zealand's most notable tourist attractions. Here are some of the best minibus tours of New Zealand:

1. The New Zealand Coach Tours

As the name suggests, the New Zealand Coach Tours offers mini van hire  and trips all around the country, trips that vary in length from one week to as much as 19 weeks, and that target all the important attraction spots. For instance, tourists can opt for a seven-day tour of the Southern Alps and the Southern Lakes, or for a nine-day Coast to Coast independent coach tour. 

Those who feel slightly more adventurous can go on a 10-day classic Southern panorama tour or they can opt for the 10-day tour of the South Islands. Another very popular minibus tour is the Grand Pacific 14-day New Zealand panorama tour. These mini bus tours aim to give tourists the best scenery and enjoyment for their money. The largest tour offered by this company is the Grand Pacific 19 day Grand NZ. 

2. Coast-To-Coast Tours

This company also organises a series of bus tours all around Australia. Taking the Ultimate Tour as an example, this is a one-day minibus tour that includes an upmarket lunch. The Auckland Tour, on the other hand, aims to offer tourists more than 7 hours of countryside experiences, while the Shore Excursion takes you directly to the shore, where you can relax and let off some steam. Mini tours are also included in the package, and tourists can visit all the local sheep farms, while the wine connaisseurs can enjoy a wine tasting session (which is included in all the Auckland tours).

3. The North Island

If you want to visit the North Island and all the local tourist attractions while still experiencing some of the local culture and traditions, then the Haka Tours can do just that. The tour lasts for seven days and it combines sightseeing with a hint of adventure and in-depth information on the Maori culture. On top of all this, tourists can also see some of the most important attraction spots in the North Island, from the rich forests and the mud pits to the sandy beaches or the vulcanoes. The trips are sprinkled with different activities, and there are plenty of all-inclusive holiday packages available.

4. Opt For An Individual Mini Bus Hire In Christchurch!

Why let somebody else design the sightseeing tour on your behalf, when you can opt for a mini bus hire in Christchurch  and create your own checklist of the things you want to see or experience? There are a variety of different mini buses and coaches that you can hire, along with the professional advice of specialists when it comes to hire minibus Christchurch  and a complete list of great touring ideas that can help you. This way, you can decide on the most important attraction spots and you decide how much time you allocate for each one!